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Meet the Staff of Exotic Sports Cars

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Sean Axani - Partner

954-942-3151 - sean@exoticsportscars.com

With a strong background in the financial world, Sean brings 15 years of experience in management, risk assessment, and financial modeling to the car business.  His goal is to build Exotic Sports Cars into a nationally recognized premier Exotic Car Dealership and Exotic Car Leasing business.  Cars have always been his passion and at Exotic Sports Cars, he has opportunity to help others get into the cars of their dreams, regardless of their credit situation.  He is happy to answer any questions you have on anything from cars to financing.  

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Vincent Spinelli - Partner

954-942-3151 - vincent@exoticsportscars.com

Vincent, Sean’s partner in a very successful professional trading business for over 15 years, brings his expertise in evaluating and controlling risk, having managed a portfolio of over $10 million on a daily basis for over a decade. He has run successful businesses in New York and South Florida, and his accounting background gives him a complete understanding of financial statements, balance sheets, and the inner workings on how these operations grow. He also spearheads marketing and shares Sean’s vision of building Exotic Sports Cars into a brand name.

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George Arthur - Partner

954-942-3151 - garthurts@yahoo.com

With over 40 years of experience in the business of selling, financing and leasing cars, George has seen it all.  An absolute wealth of knowledge, he can answer just about any question you can think of or at the very least, point you in the right direction.  George has owned multiple franchise new car dealerships in the past, and has been in the exotic and highline business for over 20 years.  

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William Johnstone - Office Manager

954-942-3151 -

Mr. Johnstone has worked in the Exotic Car business in all capacities for over 2 decades.  Having intimate knowledge of the operation of a car dealership and its finances, he helps the dealership and finance arm run smoothly and efficiently.  

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